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Help Desk & PC Repair
Tickets (aka Work Orders) allow you to stay on top of every customer request. Your team can collaborate on incoming PC repairs, remote sessions, and scheduled IT service calls, all with customized priorities, progress, and billable time tracking.
Asset Tracking
VEA helps you manage IT clients, by deploying and tracking assets, such as laptops, workstations, servers, mobile devices, routers, product keys, or company cars for your shop and MSP clients. Link assets to contacts, tickets, and tasks to always know the age, location, and full history of every item.
PC Build Lists
Build, deploy, & upgrade custom workstations, servers, & gaming PCs for your employees and customers. Track the total cost, performance scores, and age of computers (EoL).
Free for Personal
For tech enthusiasts who love building custom computers or helping friends and family with all things tech, VEA is free for personal use. Track the cost and age of all your electronic assets, such as routers, product keys, and spare parts. Create tasks for RMAs, family projects, and time spent on custom builds.
Strategy Insights
For owners and managers, VEA helps you make smarter decisions with simple & intuitive real-time analytics regarding every facet of your IT company. With VEA you'll achieve greater success in a fraction of the time.
Automated Subscriptions
Earn consistent monthly revenue from your clients with simple to create subscriptions. Instantly process one-off invoices for additional hardware, software, or services using the client's card on file.
Customer Database
Keep track of your customers all in one place! With linked assets, support tickets, quotes, invoices, geo-location for marketing, and reports to show the quality of your customers.
Built in Calendar to schedule appointments or service calls with clients. Appointments are automatically linked to service tickets for seamless collaboration between back-office and front-line staff.
B2B Contacts
If you provide B2B services, tickets can be linked to specific employees of your corporate clients. You can allocate corporate assets to them, and track who requires the most help.
Fully Customizable
Pin favorite accounts. Create your own ticket types and priorities. Set and track your own business goals. Restrict employee access. Dynamically apply discounts or surcharges based on invoice amount.
Assign and track prioritized tasks for employees. Similar to tickets but used internally and not linked to customers. This will help you get the most out of your staff.
Point of Sale
Don't want to mess with invoices or tracking customers? No problem. VEA's point of sale module lets you quickly and easily checkout walk-in customers.
User Driven

Are you tired of software companies that think they know better than you?

Our current and upcoming features are based on feature requests from actual users. If you have ideas for improving VEA, or you're looking for a feature that you think will benefit the VEA community, you can submit your feedback and interact with our developers directly.

All users can also vote on requests from other VEA users to help our developers focus on what's most important to YOU.
Built for You

VEA is the first business management software built specifically for PC enthusiasts.

From inception, VEA was designed to serve as an executive assistant to technology based business owners. Want to know who your worst client is? Or your most profitable employee? What if you need to know what part of town to allocate your marketing budget?

With VEA, you'll make smarter decisions, your employees will be more productive, and your clients will be singing your praises all over town.
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