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Get a virtual assistant to help manage tasks and projects for your friends and family
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Keep track of 10 users
Included Features:
  • Track Personal Assets
  • Manage Household Tasks
  • Manage Service Providers
  • Appointments
  • Battle Plan
Get a virtual assistant to help maximize the productivity of your company
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Included Features:
  • Company Assets
  • Battle Plan
  • Assign Tasks to Employees
  • Vendors
  • Appointments
  • Customers
  • Customer Assets
  • Dashboard
  • Tickets (AKA Work Orders)
Martial Arts
Get a virtual assistant that is designed to help manage your school
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Specifically designed for Martial Arts Schools
Included Features:
  • Manage Group Classes
  • Schedule Private Lessons
  • Track Student Progress
  • Track Mat Time and Ranks
  • Track Training Equipment
  • Simple Inventory for Uniforms, etc.
  • Assign Tasks to Staff
User Driven

Are you tired of software companies that think they know better than you?

Our current and upcoming features are based on feature requests from actual users. If you have ideas for improving VEA, or you're looking for a feature that you think will benefit the VEA community, you can submit your feedback and interact with our developers directly.

All users can also vote on requests from other VEA users to help our developers focus on what's most important to YOU.
Built for You

VEA is the first business management software built specifically for business owners.

From inception, VEA was designed to serve as an executive assistant to those in charge. The problem with most accounting software like QB is that they're built for accountants to do accounting. But what if you want to know who your worst client is? Or your most profitable employee? What if you need to know what part of town to allocate your marketing budget?

With VEA, you'll make smarter decisions, your employees will be more productive, and your clients will be singing your praises all over town.
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